The Association for the Development of Agri-Tourism in Rural Areas (ADATER) was created in 1992 by naturalists, environmental educators and biology teachers wishing to share their passion for the natural and cultural heritage Of the North-Allier.

  Its purpose is to contribute to the development of environmental education among the various publics and to participate in local economic development through, in particular, the Maison de la Nature open to the Veurdre in 2001 and of which it is a manager.

  In 15 years, the ADATER has become an environmental education association recognized by the National Education and the policy-makers of the services relating to the environment. It currently employs three employees.

  In 2005, the association reaffirmed its associative project:

- To train in the eco-citizenship: by animations of discovery of the nature, the environment, the historical patrimony, with the young public.

- Promoting local heritage: through themed outings, internships, exhibitions

      - Enabling the terroirs to remain alive: by making the association a departmental and interdepartmental actor in its own right and a privileged partner of local authorities in the environmental field