Local SEO Marketing Strategies That Will Work In 2017

If you have not been able to rank your website for some of your most profitable keyword terms, it could be that there is simply too much competition. It may take you several hundred dollars, or even several thousand dollars with a local SEO business to build enough backlinks over a period of several months just to come close to the positioning of your competitors. Instead of trying old strategies which may not work, there are some new ones that actually are doing quite well. For 2017, here are some top local SEO marketing strategies that are going to help you get to the top of the search engine listings for keywords that will help you generate sales.

Understanding Why SEO Still Matters

Although it is possible for people to still make money with PPC traffic using Facebook and Google, it is still as expensive as it always has been. Many people have reported that is getting even more expensive, and the CTR on many advertisements is not as good as it once was. Fortunately, you can always turn to search engine optimization to try to approach potential buyers using strategies that will get you a sizable amount of traffic. The key is to use SEO techniques that are still working, and that are brand-new that are working very well, for you to get away from the very pricey usage of Facebook and Google traffic. The reason that it matters is that it can save you money which means that will be more money in your bottom line, helping you to generate more profits. This can, in turn, be reinvested back into your business, working with a local search engine optimization company that can use the following marketing strategies area

Interlinking Throughout Your Website

In the last year or more, it has been stated that interlinking only the pages within your categories would be the best thing to do. These are essentially subfolders that target specific keywords related to the products that you sell. However, it has been shown to be faltering in regard to a strategy that is foolproof, and things are reverting back to how they used to be. As long as you are using tags on a WordPress blog, and you are putting meta-tags into your HTML website, you should be able to connect the ones that have similar keywords, regardless of the subfolder or category that they are in. Many people have seen an increase in traffic simply by interconnecting articles on posts and pages that have been there for quite some time. You connect to them by virtue of the tags and keywords that are similar, and you will start to see a gradual increase in traffic. It is thought that because there is more interconnectivity between posts that have very similar keywords within the content, this combined with focusing on tags is the key to ranking higher.

Video Marketing That Works

Another strategy that used to work very well, but is now not working as much, is the use of embedded videos. For those that have created video channels, put the videos onto your pages with similar keywords, or the same keywords, this has helped improve traffic. However, from the perspective of the search engine algorithms now, it would be impossible for every single page on your website to connect with the video that has the same targeted keywords. This is particularly the case if they are in your title, your description, and also in the tags. Instead of using videos that are using the exact same keywords, you will want to reference slightly different videos, perhaps even using LSI keywords related to the base keyword instead. By doing so, this seems more natural to the algorithms and they are rewarding people for presenting quite a bit of variety instead of a streamlined, keyword to keyword, article and video strategy.

New Strategies For 2017

One strategy that you will see local marketers using for SEO is the use of extremely long tail keywords. In the past, this was thought to be detrimental because they would only rank you for keyword phrases that were only getting one or two searches per month. What is now happening is that Google, in particular, is taking these long phrases and looking at all of the keywords both backwards and forwards. They are seeing if there are also related keywords in the first 150 characters, words that can be recombined together. Knowing this, you can also see that posting content is much easier. You no longer have to make sure that you have a very specific percentage of a specific keyword in order to rank. By simply talking naturally about what it is you are targeting, but also targeting longtail keywords in general, you will see a dramatic rise in your positioning because it simply looks more natural.

By using these simple strategies for local marketing if you are doing search engine optimization, or if you are paying someone to do it for you, you will see a rise in your search engine positioning. Give the strategies a try, and you will see that they will work just as well for you as they have been for many others.